Grant Information


The Foundation offers two granting cycles, January 31 and June 30.  Grants are for $500-$5000; the Continuous Pathway Foundation Board of Directors serves as the decision making body for awarding grants.  Grants are for organizations only; the Foundation does not accept individual grant requests.  Tribal employees must apply for grants through their tribal departments. 


Thank you for applying with Continuous Pathways.  The Continuous Pathways Foundation is an independent 501c3 non-profit created by the Pueblo of Pojoaque to provide funding and support for culture, education, leadership, and individual and community wellness for the Pueblo and the northern New Mexico region.  Selected projects shall focus on Self Sufficiency (Effecting Sovereignty, stability, and economic independence); Continuity (Empowering culture and arts); Education (Developing and investing in tomorrow’s leaders); and Wellness (Preparing a healthy and holistic community in body, mind, and spirit). 

The Foundation welcomes funding requests of $500-$5,000.  All funding decisions are made by the Continuous Pathways Board of Directors. Late or incomplete applications are not eligible for funding.  All decisions of the Board are final.  

Granting Application Instructions and Guidelines

  • Individuals applying on their own behalf are not eligible to apply

  • Please follow the application instructions, as applications that do not follow instructions will not be considered for funding

  • Pueblo of Pojoaque organizations may apply in consecutive cycles, but please keep in mind that new projects will be favored

  • Non-Pueblo of Pojoaque applicants are eligible to receive one grant per calendar year

  • Only one grant application will be accepted, per grant cycle, from any Pueblo of Pojoaque department and organization

  • Pueblo of Pojoaque applications must include a letter of support from the department head

  • If funded, grant recipients are provided with a limited amount of time to use the grant funds and report on use. If not followed, the grantee may be asked to return the funds.

  • Grants are open to all New Mexico Pueblos and other northern New Mexico tribal and non-tribal organizations

  • All funding decisions are final


Those interested in applying for a Continuous Pathways grant must submit a proposal narrative that includes the following information. 

A Proposal Summary Sheet that includes the following:

  • Organization and/or Requestor’s Name

  • Address, City and Zip code

  • Name of contact person and title

  • Project Title

  • Email Address of contact person

  • Amount requested

  • Starting and ending date

  • How will the funds be used?

  • Do you have a project budget? If yes, please include or attach.


A Proposal Narrative that includes the following (500 words maximum):

  • Description of the project’s goals and scope (proposed activities)

  • Statement of need for the project

  • How will you know if the project is successful?

  • What do you hope will be learned by those who participate in the project?

  • How will the project benefit the community?


Proposals will be judged by the following criteria:

  • Is the project needed or does it duplicate existing services?

  • Will this grant lead to other funds?

  • Is the project innovative?

  • Does it appear that the requestor/organization has the capacity to carry-out the project?

  • How does the project further the health, well-being, education, and/or welfare of the region?

Please email any questions to Melissa Talachy at or call 505-455-5040.

  • Submit by mail, hand-delivery, or electronically

  • Please do not submit additional materials such as newspaper articles, photographs, and/or videos. They will not be returned.

  • Mail address: Continuous Pathways Foundation, 78 Cities of Gold Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87506

Application will open in new window. Fill out form. Complete one of the following:
-Print & hand-deliver or mail to 78 Cities of Gold Road, Santa Fe, NM 87506.
-Save and email to