Grant Information


Selected projects shall focus on Self Sufficiency (Effecting Sovereignty, stability, and economic independence); Continuity (Empowering culture and arts); Education (Developing and investing in tomorrow’s leaders); and Wellness (Preparing a healthy and holistic community in body, mind, and spirit). 

The Foundation welcomes funding requests of $500-$5,000.

All funding decisions are made by the Continuous Pathways Board. Late or incomplete applications are not eligible for funding. All decisions of the Board are final. If you are a Pojoaque Tribal employee applying for a grant for a Pojoaque Tribal Department you must include a commitment letter from the Department Director with the grant application. 

All individuals and organizations interested in applying for a Continuous Pathways grant must submit a proposal narrative that includes the following information. 

Please check that your proposal includes all requested information:

  •   Organization and/or Individual Name

  •   Address, City and Zip code

  •   Name of contact person and title

  •   Project Title

  •   Email Address of contact person

  •   Amount requested

  •   Starting and ending date

  •   How will the funds be used?

  •   Do you have a project budget? If yes, please attach. Include other sources of



Your proposal also must include a project narrative, of no longer than 250-500 words. The narrative should include:

  •   Description of the project’s goals and scope (proposed activities)

  •   Statement of need for the project

  •   How will you know if the project is successful?

  •   What do you hope will be learned by those who participate in the project?

  •   How will the project benefit the community?

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  •   Given the needs and the problems the grant is to address and the population

    served, will the project be beneficial and help?

  •   Is the project needed in the community or does it duplicate existing services?

  •   Will this grant lead to other funds?

  •   Is the project innovative?

  •   Explain how the individual/organization has the capacity to carry-out the


  •   How does the project further the health, well-being, education, and/or

    welfare of the region?


Please email any questions to Bruce Bernstein at or call 505-455-5059.

  •   Submit by mail, hand-delivery, or electronically
  •   Please do not submit additional materials such as newspaper articles,

    photographs, and/or videos. They will not be returned.

  •   Mail address: Continuous Pathways Foundation, 78 Cities of Gold Road,

    Santa Fe, New Mexico 87506

  •   Electronic Address: